Friday, January 15, 2010

Miscarriage and Life the Life You Want

I received a letter in response to my previous post from someone who experienced extensive losses. For some reason the posting of that letter directly onto the blog did not work. I will respond to this letter through this blog now.

The author was alerting me that my post seemed upfront and "insensitive" to her in her grieving process.
Let me respond. There is no disrespect intended to anyone. Secondly, I realize that if you have any kind of a response you probably are still grieving, and experiencing inner resistance to my words.  I don't address this to any particular person in any particular case, all private work is done personally one-on-one. Whereas all of the audiences' concerns are actual and valid, my intent is to remind all of you that the power of your mind is enormous. "When you have the right conception you will conceive." Direct your thoughts and intentions forward toward what you want.  This is a discussion of the position you can choose to take, a choice you make and not an advice of any kind. This is all there is to say in a nutshell.

I am a hypnotherapist and I work with fertility issues, as well as safe, comfortable and intended birthing of that baby. I work with people who are wiling and able to put their discord behind them and want my help to bring their life to the next level, where they can experience the exquisite life of their intent, not just a mediocre existence. I have consistent success with conception. But this work is not for everyone. It is a very exclusive, intent work only for those who  indeed want to experience extraordinary.

My post was directed to some of my clients as well as for all who are interested. I am glad it stirs up the thinking. If an expression of my opinion, as well as the line of my work is interesting to you, let me know, and we can meet for further discussion. In no way these posts can be considered medical advice. I am  merely suggesting a consideration and change in thought.

Transformational change is the primary direction with my work. It may include shaking your beliefs and myths about yourself. I often emphasize that where you put your attention there you get results. Whereas I sympathyze with your losses, defeats and disappointments, judging from your post, you are a strong person, with determined character, and a will to succeed in having the life that you want. You know exactly what you want. I can see that. Here I am suggesting that you will be able to have what you want when you put your attention to it, all that from the position of opportunity not from the position of lack. Position of opportunity, not a position of lack. Then your life unfolds surprises, including divine timing and soul connection with your baby, lessons learned and peace found from it.

Last month I went overseas to teach spiritual classes to groups of people who lost their loved ones. We spoke on souls connection and lessons learned. Each individual then had a spiritual personal connection with their loved one, and in a state of higher consciousness received channeled answers from their loved ones contributing to learning their lessons. Spiritual soul connection and integration of lessons is tightly connected with loss of loved ones. The group then worked with the intent of creating the outcome for the group and for each individual so the future becomes present.

I believe that we are all connected. And when we realize this connection, learn about the past, and make decisions about the future, we begin to move forward, not backward. This is how the process of living the life is organized.  Each person takes as much time as needed for them to process what they feel is important to them. Grieving, coping can take years and become a habit.  All I do is just remind you of that natural process of life learning and moving on.

I will see that your thoughts get posted, as well as any replies to this message.

With Love and Light,


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