Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Neo Soviet Russia Creates Peaceful Births

Visiting Russia, I could not help but notice the obvious absence of pregnant women in Moscow. Many pregnant women in Russia try to keep low profile and according to their old wives tale, a pregnant women should not be seen in public.

Yet the world has changed. A pregnant woman in a post Soviet Russia is a different woman. And she is not seen in public because she is driving a car. She usually is a healthy and aware upbeat and well kept lady. Some of my Russian clients no longer are bound to their country. They travel, live and work abroad, and are extremely well educated about nutrition (some of them are vegan) and the use of a midwife. Speaking with a recent acquaintance, I learned that giving birth in water, or at home is not a rarity.

"The hospital has such bad rep, and there is so much possibility for infection, that I tried my best to find another alternative," says Svetlana, a director of of Moscow's premier TV chanels, and, now pregnant, a Moscovite.

The Recent documentary about Russian Waterbirth, a concept of birthing in the Black Sea, at Crimea, is not an option yet for her. She is looking to birth at home with her husband Vladimir, both 24, and his sister, Marina, conveniently, their midwife. HypnoBirthing seemed like a good deal, and the couple is looking forward to creating the birth of their dreams.

So, I hope you too, as well, are looking forward to your birthing experience.
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And I hope you have a great birthing day!

In the meantime, enjoy the birthing video excerpt from The Russian Waterbirth

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