Monday, October 31, 2011

Can HypnoBirthing Create Comfort in Labor?

Here is a reference article explaining the mystery behind quiet calm birthing - she used HypnoBirthing.

"...And when her son Leo was born 14 months ago, following a relatively pain and stress-free labour, Emma is convinced hypnobirthing is most certainly ‘the other way’.
‘When I first started doing those classes, I was almost embarrassed about it, convinced people would laugh,’ says Emma, from Brockley, South London.
    ‘Now I want to tell everyone to use hypnobirthing. If it can work for me, and believe me I was the biggest cynic going, then it can work for anyone.’

    This is exactly what the NHS is seeking to investigate in an 18-month study on the effectiveness of hypnobirthing being launched this week, which, it is hoped, will reduce the financial strain on tightening NHS budgets caused by costly drug treatments such as epidurals — and also make births easier and safer for women and babies."

    Super mum: Model Gisele claimed giving birth in her bathtub at home in Boston with no pain relief didn't hurt after having prepared with yoga and meditation.

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