Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Water or Land?

Midwives at hospitals observed a difference in the babies born in water as opposed to those born regularly in a bed. "We can tell which babies have been born in water. They are like little grown-ups. You know they understand you. It’s very special to be with them."

Egyptians birthed selected babies underwater. It is believed these babies became priests and priestesses. Or was it because those selected mothers were wealthy and more educated and knew and could afford themselves the benefits of water birth?
In the Minoan ruins, art on frescoes reflect dolphins and the special connection with humans and water. Minoans on the island of Crete are said to have used a sacred temple for water birth.

Our first 9 months of life took place in the womb of waters. Sounds of the ocean’s waves simulate the blood rushing through the placenta.
Well, consider: water is an environment of smooth transition for the baby. Mothers report pleasant sensations, no tears, or swelling, and enjoyable peaceful birth instead of agonizing pain of hospital birth.
Which one would you choose?
The use of water is considered among moms and midwives the safest way of birthing the baby. Why not in a hospital? Why don't doctors consider the birth of a baby in water the best way for replicating the environment of the womb, and consider it as an alternative for episiotomy and epidural. Even thought water birth is not covered by insurance, in a long run it comes out much less expensive for the human society, considering the consequences in baby development differences between the babies born in water and 'on land.'
Being educated about your birth choices is the most important responsibility of becoming a parent.

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