Thursday, June 9, 2011

When Are You Due?

When you are at a social function or just bump into an acquaintance, who didn't know you are pregnant, you usually encounter a question:

When are you due?

Instead of just saying the month of your baby's arrival, and the conversation becoming 20 questions (who are you having? do you have a name? and other questions) or in response to other people' stories particularly not so happy stories that people volunteer seeing your tummy growing.

Take active part in your conversation and steer the conversation in the direction of practicing your ideal birth imagery and doing the exercise that is positively useful to you, your mind practice with your body and definitely positive for your baby:

It will be the fall, leaves will be turning colorful yellow, red and orange. The weather will cool off a bit. My husband and I will expect the day of my baby birth with cheerful joy. This is a great opportunity for the both of us to be together in a joint loving effort. 

My baby knows what to do and the birth will be a joyful, relaxed event,because we took active part in preparation and took our HypnoBirthing class, By the date of my baby's birth my husband and I will have practiced by then a thousand times what we'll do on the day of my labor start. I am fit and positive. Relaxed and calm. I trust my body and my body knows what to do. I breathe deeply and comfortably. 

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